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ABOUT US........

Our Story begins like any other, having an extreme interest in something and making that into a job we love. Jewelry is something everyone likes and loves, having one set piece or multiple pieces that tell a mood or helps create a special moment. It is even a piece of a memory that is present time, that turns into past times remembered.

I've been selling jewelry off and on since I was in high school, and getting to understand a persons likes or wants is the main reason I have decided to try a new idea. I've always had to do research for products to sell, what I think someone else may like, but there is the catch, not everyone has the same likes. Lets say there are 5 people who like black onyx, but each person likes it in a different shape, size, and even setting. I don't want people to settle for what I have chose, I want them to be excited about buying what they have chosen.  

So in creating this website, with years of research on my laptop it crashes loosing desicions, ideas, passwords, and contacts, it came to me after months of trying to get back to where I was. Then there it was, I was doing everything exactly like every other site, leading you to what I had decided everyone, You, would like. I now didn't like that option, I want the options to be many and as close as we possibly can get or exactly what you are looking for.

Whether its a single piece for yourself, a birthday gift, or the perfect piece for that special someone, I want to help get you to that point. I want to help create memories for people, single pieces, family pieces that are identical or different in someway, or create wedding ensambles. 

Let us help you find tomorrows memories, with your input along the way.

How we work

There are 10's of thousands of pieces of jewelry in as many styles, metals, stones, and some materials you wouldn't think would be possible. this is where we come in, with that many options how could 1 person possibly find what they have in mind and at times maybe you do and cant get to it-it's only buyable for retailers.  

Let us help you find it, with a discription of what your looking for we will do the work, go thru my suppliers get back to you with what matches. It just isnt there in what we have found, we will broaden our search, to do the best we can for you. 

We will notify you once we start working on your details, if we have any questions we will contact by e-mail to clarify any questions before start, once started it takes about 7-10 days to research our available items, once we have it narrowed down to the request we will contact you with our findings. we do this at no extra charge to you, our prices are reasonable. Everyone from the tightest bugdet to extra money to spend is always going to find something. We are also adding a vintage jewelry to our line up, those requests are growing every day. With this line we can find your memory piece or help with creating the feeling that era gives you. 

Go ahead gives a try, it won't cost a thing to ask about the one thing you can't find .........


Once we have narrowed the choices to the top 5, we"ll price each one. After your decsion has been made you will recieve a e-mail with a payable invoice with a link to paypal. We use paypal for your safety as well for ours.  

After payment has been recieved your order will be placed and will be mailed immediatley if it is an on hand item( usually 1-3 business days) or mailed as soon it is received(7-10 business days) and you will recieve a email with all shipping information. 

If your in a time constraint please advise us in the initial contact form and we will do our best to meet the date given, if we see that it is something that will go beyond that date we will notify you. There is no charge for assistance, but there is a $25.00 on all rush orders.


Only Accept Paypal at this time


An email will be sent to the owner

Allow 24-48 hours for response. Please note that 1972 Jewelry may not be able to honour booking requests made. Due to covid 19 we are delayed in further construction on our site. Please keep coming back and spreading out name. Construction will soon be done and items will be uploaded as soon as possible. We can due request orders at this time only. We apologise for any inconveniences or delay. Thank you for your .

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